Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Yoga Stretches You Can Do in Bed

When a sneeze — just a normal sneeze, nothing of the dramatic, shout-y, ”Achoo”-like-a-dad variety — caused my back right shoulder to spasm and pull in such a way that I was suddenly unable to type, I realized that maybe I was a little bit tense. Maybe I needed some yoga. But wanted to do was nap.

Sleep won, I woke up sore and resolved to practice a bit more self-loving toe touching.

But guess what? Naps (or at least, the art of lying down) and yoga are no longer mutually exclusive. Tara Leann Stiles, yoga instructor and founder of Strala Yoga, is here to teach us all a series of yoga moves that can be done FROM BED. (The floor works just the same, of course.)

These moves are extremely gentle, so you can do them any time of day without a warm-up. If something doesn’t feel great, back off. “Keep it easy with the breath and enjoy,” she says. Put your yoga/pajama pants on and let’s do this. Below, Tara walks us through it.