January 20, 2016

Aamir Khan Said

For those in the business of news, senior Indian journalist Bhupendra Chaubey’s interview of Sunny Leone was deemed quite rage-inducing. For most part of it, the journalist questioned the actress about her past, with the constant refrain of whether she was apologetic about her past. At one instance, Chaubey asked Sunny if she thought someone like an Aamir Khan would work with her. The actress, in as dignified a manner as possible, replied. “No but I will continue to be his fan.” Now the superstar himself has come out in support of Leone. “Sunny, I will be happy to work with you. I have absolutely no problems with your past. Stay blessed,” he tweeted, adding that the Mastizaade actress had conducted herself with a lot of dignity, which was missing in the interviewer. 


65pc women regret after having cosmetic surgery

  The respondents aged 18 and over and from around the UK had all had cosmetic surgery in the last five years.They were quizzed about the procedures they wouldd had and how they felt about the results.For 33 percent, the results of the procedure did not match the image they had