June 11, 2015

Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village Being Swallowed By Nature

Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time – an abandoned fishing village being reclaimed by nature. These photos by Tang Yuhong, a creative photographer based in Nanning, take us into this lost village on Goqui island.






SUPER NEWS: Sanjay Dutt Is Getting Out Of Jail… For Good.

Sanjay Dutt, wife Manyata and sister Priya bid adieu to him, as he leaves for Yerwada Prison on January 10, 2015. (File photo) If all goes well, Sanjay Dutt will celebrate this year’s New Year’s eve at home with his family and friends. Manyata Dutt recently visited her husband, who is serving a 5-year term