June 12, 2015

Mika Singh Arrested

The singer has been arrested for slapping a doctor at a concert in Delhi..!!!

Mika Singh has been arrested by the Delhi police in relation to an alleged issue that took place during his live concert event held in Delhi just a couple months ago. Mika Singh slapped an ophthalmologist on April 11th and the scandal immediately went viral on the web.

The Mika Singh Live in Concert had been organised by the Ophthalmological Society in Delhi as part of a three-day conference taking place at the Delhi Pusa Institute Mela Ground. Many doctors were present at the show, who Mika referred to as “Padhey likhey Bhagwaan”. While the audience danced to his tunes, Mika requested the men to be on the sides and ladies at the center in front of the stage, throughout the evening. The incident took place towards the end of the show when the music turned off and the doctors heard Mika demanding the bouncers to bring a specific doctor to the stage. What was the doctor’s fault you may wonder? Well apparently the victim kept joining the womens’ side and that ticked off the artist.  

The artist is now locked up at the Inderpuri police station. Looks like this is another birthday bash that’s proving to be unlucky for Bollywood singer Mika Singh.

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                                                                                                          Sources: Agencies