February 20, 2016

Photos Of Nepali Designer Fall 2016 Collection

Prabal Gurung unveiled his stellar new Fall 2016 collection on Valentines Day at the New York Fashion Week. The savvy designer has celebrities wearing his clothes from Hollywood to Bollywood and judging by the look of the new fall collection, we’ll be seeing ‘PG’ going even more global in the days ahead. Speaking to the press about the fall collection, Prabal mentioned Henri Rousseau’s painting ‘Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest’ along with Lord Byron’s poem ‘She Walks in Beauty’ being some of the inspiration behind it.

From Amy Schumer, Alia Bhatt to Laverne Cox, the PG girl can be anyone! He spoke about the different types of women he has dressed by adding “I’ve just loved to celebrate women of different sizes, colours, sexual orientation, and gender, because I’ve always wanted to be inclusive,” he said.“I’m aware of the fact that I design at a price point that’s not available for everyone. However, whatever I put up there, I want to make sure that the message is very clear about inclusion.”

The designs are classy, lovely and some look very warm (photos of ‘warm looking’ designs aren’t here but if you’ve seen the collection then you’ll get me, I think).






                                                            Image Source: IMAXTREE / Alessandro Lucioni


जुनिता मोक्तान ने जिती वोमन अफ दि वोर्ल्द २०१६

जुनिता मोक्तान ने जिता " वोमन ओफ द वोर्ल्ड २०१६ " का ताज./ ये कार्यक्रम हाल हि अस्ट्रेलिया मे आयोजना हुआथा / जुनिता ने इश ताज के साथ् साथ् " बेस्ट नेशनल कोस्तुम " भी जिता/ इश कार्यक्रम कि दौरान जुनिता के मेहनत ने रंग लाई / इश कार्यक्रम को