June 15, 2015

SHOCKING: This Man Brutally Raped His Own Mother, Sexually Assaulted His Sisters

A son has done something which has mentally and physically shattered an old mother in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. According to a report by The Indian Express, the old mother who came to spend a few days with her young son got brutally raped by him. The man has been identified as Shukun Singh, who works as a painter in buildings, and suffers from suspected sexual perversion according to the family.


Representational photo (Shutterstock)

Representational photo (Shutterstock)


The shattered old mother spoke about the horrifying and shameful incident —

“Woh galat kia hamare saath. Humne use kaha tum hamar ladka ho. Tum aisa mat karo. Hum tumko paida kari hoon lekin usne kuch nahi suna. Who iska parinaam bhugtega. Bhagwaan maaf nahi karega use.

(He did wrong with me. I told him you are my son, I gave birth to you. Don’t do this to me. But he didn’t listen. He will pay for this. God will not leave him.)

“On 13th night I was returning from my younger daughter’s house with him(accused) in an auto rickshaw. When we were passing from an area where there were bushes on either sides and a railway track, he asked me to get down there. When I asked why did he take this unfamiliar road, he started walking into the bushes. After a few minutes he asked me to come inside the bushes but I questioned him again.

“When I went there, he held my neck tight and threw me on the ground. He tied my face and tore my clothes. He was under influence of some drug or alcohol.

“He raped me and ran away from there. I took help of a passerby and rushed to my daughter’s house. After his arrest, he told police that he was drunk and he made a mistake. Is this a mistake?”

The old woman makes Rs 1000 every month, working as a cleaner in a municipal school in Jamu village in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Her three daughters and son Shukun shifted to Gujarat for work about 20 years ago. The sisters have already cut off all ties with him, since he was 17 years of age.

The sister too have faced sexual assault from him about ten years ago, but their mother asked them not to take any legal action against him. Singh was also arrested in a theft case in Ahmedabad.

Shukun’s sister told The Indian Express, “When my mother reached home, she was shivering like a leaf. We thought she has a got a fit. She would neither drink or eat. After a few minutes, she told me that Shukun raped her. Disgusted with the scar he left on my mother, I decided to complain this time and called police.

“He is sexually sick, he’s a pervert. He tried to molest me at my home in Viratnagar when he moved to Ahmedabad but I pushed him on other side and threw him out of my house. After that we cut off. When I told my elder sister, she told me she had faced similar experience with him.”

This is not all. Shukun even tried to rape a five-year-old girl, according to his sister. He was beaten by the girl’s family members. This monster is addicted to “drugs”, and is also a known “goon” in Ahmedabad.

After he was arrested for raping his mother, he even threatened them in front of the police.

“He abused me in front of the police officers and said that once he is out of jail, he will rape my daughters and kill that buddhi (old woman). A month back he had abducted and brought one 18-year-old girl at his home who was pregnant and a few days before this incident (rape) that girl is also mysteriously missing. We have informed police about that too,” said the sister.

This man is nothing but a monster. He told the police that he was not in senses and hence he did this to his mother.

Too much for a boy child, right?



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