June 26, 2015

Salman Khan sang Hero title song to bust the stress of his court verdict!

The actor was unfazed by the verdict passed on his case by the court and sang the song…

Salman Khan’s generosity is legendary. Only yesterday we read about his good deed of distributing television sets to the poor people in Kashmir who didn’t have one. His selflessness has won us over again and again. But recently he did something that left us in awe of him.During the hearing of his 2002 hit and run case, while the Court was deciding his sentence, the man was quickly wrapping up work so that if he does get convicted, no one will be hampered. Singer composer Amaal Malik revealed that he recorded the title track of his production venture Heroremake during such a tense period.

Talking to a web portal, Amaal recounted that he sang the song to Salman who liked it so much that he was eager to record it. They recorded a scratch version. It was the time when the verdict on Salman’s case was still awaited and they weren’t sure what to expect. Later, when he got to know about the sentence, he was really tensed since without Salman Hero remake doesn’t really work.

Amaal continued that Salman was unperturbed. He recorded the song Main hoon hero tera just after the sentence! He even made changes to the track wherever required in that state of mind! He wanted to get done with his responsibility for this film.

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Kollywood Divas Fashion show for Teej Style Utsav

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