June 20, 2015

Was Aamir Khan Reluctant to Appear On Stage With Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan?

The three Khans came on stage together for Rajat Sharma's Aapki Adalat

Over the past few days we’ve seen Salman Khan create much hype on Twitter by bashing fans who have tried to compare one Bollywood Khan to another.

While news of the three Khans starring in a film is doing rounds, Aamir Khan might not be too happy with the news. During the 21st anniversary of the show Aapki Aadalat, the three Khans were seen having some fun on stage, but apparently the backstage vibes were very different.

According to a report in Bollywoodlife.com, rumours are abuzz that while Shah Rukh and Salman had no qualms being on stage together, Aamir was reluctant when informed as he felt he could not connect with their gig. Buzz is even after Aamir made his apprehensions clear, Salman went ahead and invited him on stage in front of the audience. Since Aamir couldn’t say no at the last moment, he joined Salman and SRK in the famous towel dance. Whatever the rumours, the three made history on stage together and left us all wanting to see more of them together on screen.

                                                                                                          Sources: Agencies


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