December 14, 2016

Hollywood Wins The Battle of Rights with VidAngel

After a year-long battle against VidAngel over violation of copyright law, Hollywood has won the battle a couple of hours back with Federal judge granting an injunction. The news has come as a relief for all the Hollywood studios who are currently going through huge losses due to streaming of edited-out version of movies on VidAngel.

VidAngel is a Utah-based company that edits explicit movies for family viewing. Hollywood giants such as Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Disney had filed a suit against VidAngel citing a violation of copyrights law as the reason.

The main reason behind the whole Hollywood industry was so terrified by this small shark in the ocean was that it had largely affected its business. A user needs to shell out $20 to get a physical disc through VidAngel, which he or she can sell it back to the company after viewing at $19. This means that they are actually paying just $1 to watch a movie.

The ruling in favor of Hollywood studios suggests that VidAngel will now have to remove its studio content from the service immediately. However, VidAngel isn't going to drop its weapons so easily. According to reports, the company is all set to appeal the ruling. In a statement to the media, VidAngel calls it 'the first battle in the long war'.

Commenting on the ruling, Neal Harmon, CEO, VidAngel, said that he would appeal against this ruling in supreme court as he now has funds to fight it.

                                                             REported By: Gyanendra Rashaili


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