August 28, 2016

Kollywood Divas Fashion show for Teej Style Utsav

Celebrity runway fashion show for teej and named" Style Utsab 2016 " was organised by Morning Glory Entertainment  and the event was managed By Better Galaxy and is supported by Poonam Entertainment..

In the fashion show there were Top Celebrities like like Gauri Mall, Usha Khadgi, Keki Adhikari, PUja Sharma, Chadani Sharma, Laxmi Shrestha would be hitting the ramp along with Top Models of Nepal. Accompanied by the Top Singers Kunti Moktan and Devika Bandana.

Organiser Mohanna chettri Said " Thank you all the celebrities and all the guest for joining and making the show successful" and also added hope for giving same support in our next event

 you can see the photos of the show below: 

                                                                                                     P/c By: Gm Team Surendra Maharjan


जुनिता मोक्तान ने जिती वोमन अफ दि वोर्ल्द २०१६

जुनिता मोक्तान ने जिता " वोमन ओफ द वोर्ल्ड २०१६ " का ताज./ ये कार्यक्रम हाल हि अस्ट्रेलिया मे आयोजना हुआथा / जुनिता ने इश ताज के साथ् साथ् " बेस्ट नेशनल कोस्तुम " भी जिता/ इश कार्यक्रम कि दौरान जुनिता के मेहनत ने रंग लाई / इश कार्यक्रम को