September 19, 2015

NewBorn Baby Awakened Her Mother From Coma...

A North Carolina mother who went into a coma after childbirth was brought back to life by her baby’s cries.
We all have heard of the mother who by her sheer determination brought her prematurely born baby to life, but a newborn doing the same is simply amazing. Gob bless the mother-daughter!
Shelly Cawley, 23, remembers crying in her hospital room because she was scared that she was not going to wake up after having an emergency C-section.
During the surgery, a blood clot broke loose and she went into a coma. After the new mother remained in a coma for a week, the nursing staff came up with a great idea.

Jeremy, Shelly’s husband, put their baby daughter, Rylan, on Shelly. When Rylan eventually started crying, doctors saw a spike in Shelly’s vitals.
A week later, Shelly came out of her coma completely and was, ultimately, fine. Today, she and Rylan are healthy and happy. Last week, the Cawley family celebrated Rylan’s first birthday.
Here’s the video of this mother who was awakened from coma by her newborn baby:


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