June 17, 2015

The Six-Month Beauty Countdown

A guide to make you look your radiant best for your big day

While you will probably have your hands full with choosing your invitations, creating a guest list, deciding on flowers, themes and menus and even planning your honeymoon, it’s essential to not neglect the most important task of all -  looking and feeling fabulous! From a lustrous mane to flawless skin – we bring you a beauty guide which will have you glowing from head-to-toe just in time for your special day!

Month 1

Hair: Begin by improving the overall quality of your hair by getting a hot oil treatment. Not only will it nourish and give lustre to your tresses, it will also prepare it for any colouring treatments you may have in the future. Also, treat yourself to a blissful head and scalp massage which will help you get a shiny mane and leave you relaxed too. 

Skin: Include cleansing, rinsing and moisturising as a part of your daily skin care regimen.  During the day, don’t forget to wear sunblock with SPF to avoid pigmentation and at night, be sure to remove your make-up before going to bed – it’s essential to avoid getting any unnecessary breakouts which could lead to scarring. 

Month 2

Hair: Now is a good time to make a trip to your favourite hairdresser. Trim your hair, get rid of any split ends and keep your frizz at bay with a great blow dry treatment. This will add more volume to your hair and make it easier to manage. Take some time this month to start short-listing a hairdresser and make-up artist for your upcoming 
wedding events.

Skin: Take your skin care routine a step further by signing up for a monthly facial and undergoing any cosmetic treatments for unsightly scars or unwanted hair. All the while, make sure to drink plenty of water and keep your skin well-hydrated.

Month 3

Hair: If you plan to colour your hair, this is the right time to experiment with possible shades that suit your skin tone and face shape.  Once you decide on a colour, your hairdresser can test it out on your hair. 

Skin: Amidst all the wedding preparations, make sure to sleep well. A minimum of seven to eight hours is recommended. In addition to getting a monthly facial, don’t forget to make an appointment with a dermatologist to banish any unsightly blemishes, scars and sunspots.

Month 4

Hair: Set up an appointment with your hairdresser to experiment and discuss different shades, looks and lengths. Take pictures of hairstyles you like and want to try out. If you want to wear your hair up, talk to 
your hairdresser about how long it will take to grow out your hair so 
it’s the right length for your desired look. While you are there, treat yourself to a hair spa treatment to give your mane extra nourishment and shine.  

Skin: Starting now, use a deep-cleansing face mask and an exfoliating scrub once a week to ensure your skin is immaculate and silky smooth for your special day. If you are feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning, schedule a deep tissue massage to banish any stress. 

Month 5

Hair: Head for a quick trim to ensure that your hair is at its desired length. Now is a good time to also finalise or make any colour changes to your hair.

Skin: Set up a trial with your make-up artist for all your wedding looks. You may also want to consider visiting a dentist for a teeth-whitening treatment or even using an over-the-counter whitening product. Don’t neglect your hands and feet! A relaxing mani-pedi and paraffin wax treatment will keep your skin soft, supple and looking beautiful.

Month 6

Hair: You are just four weeks away from your big day. Get a haircut if necessary and also do a hair colour touch-up. On the actual day, make sure to do you make-up first and then style your hair. 

Skin: Avoid unsightly dark circles by making sure you get enough sleep. Book all your beauty appointments like facials, waxing, and eyebrows a week in advance to avoid any reactions and redness. If you get any pimples treat them with a hot compress followed by a cold compress treatment.  Always keep an emergency make-up kit by your side for quick fixes. Finally, on the day of your wedding, be sure to relax!