May 22, 2016

Your Weekly Horoscope..

Find out what the cards have in storey for you for the week starting May 22

ARIES (March 22 - April 21)

Sometimes healing cannot happen, till you recognize that healing is required – and there is complete surrender. It could be any situation in your life – big or small. For instance, if there is a discord between you and a friend or your boss. See the situation as something that needs healing – not as “this is wrong”. When you feel it is wrong, you bring an energy of accepting its wrongness. But when you see it as something that needs healing, you remove the anger, hatred or sadness and bring in an element of love or hope. You can bring about change or improvement in any situation by thinking differently. It all starts with a thought, followed by words and finally action. Thoughts do become things. Let this week show you that, Aries!

TAURUS (April 22 - May 21)

Abundance is the name of the game this week, Taurus! Have we been complaining a little too often recently? Just stop for a moment and instead of focusing on the various things that aren’t going “right” for you – think about the immense blessing that surrounds you. Right now – name three things you are incredibly grateful for. Really feel it and mean it, and watch how your face will lighten up. You are being blessed, so acknowledge the flow of abundance. It may not be in the form that you are expecting – like you may not be wining a million-dollar lottery (or you just might - you never know!). Open your arms and your heart to receiving, show immense gratitude and stay in the happy flow of abundance this week. Just refuse to see lack. Keep your happy blinders on.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Looks like you need to air out those windows. Either literally or emotionally. Detox your home, clear up anything that isn’t in order, clear your emails, your Facebook friend list. Do something that helps you feel lighter this week. A walk in the park, or by the beach will help immensely. Spend some time in nature. Even a 20-minute walk. Let some fresh air enter your being and take away the heaviness.

CANCER (June 22 - July 21)

Prayer is when we ask the Universe (or God or Divine Light – whatever you chose to call it) for something. But meditation is when we listen for the answers. We all pray and ask and send our wish list, but rarely do we sit in silence to listen to the replies, the signs, the messages. Watch for those signs this week. If you feel, you’re missing the signs – you can actually ask “Please give me clear signs”, and then stay open minded to receive. Try it this week, Cancer.

LEO (July 22 - August 21)

We forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience (not the other way round). This card comes as a reminder to you, Leo. You have a beautiful purpose and you’re on the right path. Wherever you chose to head, you must know that the Universe has your back. You’ll be guided along. So take that calculated risk if it feels right. When you are stuck with indecision, think of one outcome keeping your hands on your heart and eyes closed. If you feel uneasy and fidgety, it’s probably the wrong decision. If you feel peaceful and warm and happy, then this is the right decision and you must act on it immediately. Listen to your inner guidance. 

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21)

It’s the Miracles card for you this week, Virgo! Even you feel don’t feel it, you’re being watched over and blessed abundantly. Miracles are coming to you. They may or may not be in the exact form that you have been praying for. So don’t stay rigid on that. The Universe actually knows what’s better for you (yes – we struggle to accept that, don’t we?). Looks like you’re going to have a good week anyway.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 21)

Whatever you are facing this week, Libra – be strong. You are stronger than you think. Your inner wisdom is trying to shine out. Don’t drown it with your ego. Ego is the illusion of who we think we are. The funny thing is that our ego is created by us based on what we think others think of us (complicated!). So simplify things this week, and listen out for your own inner wisdom. You are strong beyond what you’ll ever know. Your belief system, your values; don’t allow other people’s opinion let you forget your divine spirit.

SCORPIO (October 22 - November 21)

Has it been a crazy week for you? Too much going on? Try switching off as and when you can. Of course not everyone can take a spa break or a holiday as and when they fancy. So make the best of what you have. Try meditation. If you’re new to it – just sit on your bed when you wake up, keeping your eyes closed. Take a deep breath (counting 4), hold here (counting four) and release counting 8. Do it just for one minute, say a small prayer (or simply Thank you for this day) and start your day. And try to not check emails and what’s app messages for at least the first half an hour of your day.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

New love, your card says this week! For those of you who are not currently in a relationship, this may translate literally in your life – with someone new coming in. But for those in a happy relationship, this could either renewed love and companionship with your partner. Differences may float away and a new energy, synergy is on the horizon. Bring honesty to your relationship. Bring who you really are in all your glory, leaving aside what is stale and old.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 21)

If there is something you’ve been praying for, your prayers are being answered. Watch out for the signs. If you get a repeated message – it could be a course you need to do, or a place you need to visit – follow your intuition. Your answers lie within, if only you can trust. This is a great time for you to start new things. Don’t let fear hold you back.

AQUARIUS (January 22 - February 21)

You’ve seen how things manifest in your life. First it’s an idea (born of Divine sources), then the idea meets with a feeling. And if the feeling is right, you start to nourish the idea with creativity and belief and one step at a time, your idea comes into fruition. Do you have any divine ideas right now? You’re here for a purpose. Don’t worry about finding your purpose but instead, do what makes you feel empowered and happy. Live your highest life. You’re fully guided, Aquarius. 

PISCES (February 22 - March 21)

If you’re been too bogged down with responsibilities and duties, take some time out for yourself. Go have some fun. Meet your friends, go for a Zumba class, go bowling, go paint a picture. Do something that sparks joy within your very being this week, Pisces. Take some time to nourish and nurture your inner child. You deserve a little break!